Play the Realms of Chaos

Realms of Chaos (RoC) is a MUD which has been in operation since 1994 and is now one of the largest and most expansive online worlds ever created.

RoC's environment is richly detailed, and its theme flows seamlessly from one continent to the next, however, RoC's greatest claim to fame is the level of challenge presented to players. Amongst the players on RoC, the title of High Mortal on RoC is widely considered to be one of the most respected accolades one can have. Further, the title of Avatar is extremely rare and shows almost unreachable aptitude and skill in the game.

Richly detailed quests keep those who are not interested in mindless hack and slash entertained, while the gargantuan universe filled with thousands of unique items keeps explorers content. A fully-fledged weather daemon brings sandstorms to the desert, blizzards to the northern regions, and hurricanes into the coastal areas while magical tornados spin off from its wake. The astronomy daemon is no less intricate: a full canopy of heavenly activities await the players in cyclic, time- independent precision. The level of immersion is also very high: it is not unusual to suddenly find yourself caught in the middle of a invasion. Monsters can and do invade the cities, from pirates plundering shipping towns, to bonafide titans such as the Sapphire Dragon.

Realms of Chaos, while an older and more established member of the online gaming multiverse, continues to take the lead in both innovation and dedication of its players and staff.

If you have never played RoC before and if you'd like to know a little bit more about it, check out our "Player FAQ" link on the left of this text.

If you already have a MUD client such as GMud, zMUD, or similar, you can connect to RoC using this direct link. You can also connect using port 23 if you are blocked from ports above 1024 through a firewall. If you don't have a telnet client, or are not sure how to configure it, you can connect using our Java Client by selecting "Play now!" on the left navigation of this page. If you're having problems connecting, or are just plain confused, don't worry! Just contact us using email at