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PC / Windows - Zmud
PC / Windows - Portal
Mac - Rapscallion
Unix/Linux - TinyFugue
Amiga - AmiMud
OS/2 - TinyFugue

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Fantasy Names

Realms of Chaos is an environment where Role Playing is very much encouraged. If you are having difficulty finding a suitable RP name, try this one.

A Little History...

Realms of Chaos MUD was founded in the winter of 1993-1994 by Osiris and originally hosted at the X-Mission mainframe in Utah. During this time much of Krenlock was constructed as well as the vending machine. Shortly after, Osiris left the MUD and Nirvana took over it's administration for roughly nine years. It was during this period that many of the great Archwizards arrived and the world experienced a golden age of growth and expansion, ultimately leading to a huge, diverse world, balanced to a fair challenge, and goverened by a simple yet resolute code of law. Nirvana retired in June of 2003, leaving the MUD to Flexure.

Famous Archwizards Include:


News from across the Realms
~ We have a new IP, October 17, 2011
Though many things are still the same Realms of Chaos now has a new IP. To connect use or better yet, realmsofchaos.com. The port is still the same, 3456.

~ We have a new IP, March 20, 2007
Though many things are still the same Realms of Chaos now has a new IP. To connect use or better yet, realmsofchaos.com. The port is still the same.

~ A Torch is Passed, January 1st, 2005
Winds of change rang in the New Year, with our God, Flexure, traveling to the West in search of greater things. With his retirement, Trandia has been nominated as Admin of the Realms.

~ The Rise of a Dark Tower, September 12, 2004.
From the depths of the earth a new structure has risen on the northeast side of Krenlock. Little is known about this strange tower other than that very large and powerful beings have been seen moving throughout the interior.

~ First High Mortal Adventurer, August 28, 2004.
Velurian has achieved what was previously thought impossible by bringing a pure adventurer character up to level 30. The first to ever achieve this feat, his victory was sweetened by dying only one time along the way. Hail Velurian!

~ Most High Mortals Achieved, August 3, 2004.
Congratulations go out to Flunch for achieving the greatest number of High Mortal characters. Broadly dispersed in their concentrations, Flunch recently achieved his seventh victory in record time.

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