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In an effort to avoid restricting your enjoyment of the game, we have
endeavored to keep the number of rules to a minimum. However, there
are some rules which must exist to make this mud enjoyable and playable for all.

1) Exploitation of bugs

You *must* report any bugs you exploit. If you report a bug you
have exploited, you may be allowed to keep some or all of what you
gained through its exploitation. If you do not report the exploitation,
and you are caught (and we can log you, snoop you, etc.), you will be
severely punished. This is still a more liberal rule than many muds,
which outlaw bug exploitation even if you report it. You will not
get in trouble for exploiting a bug here, so long as you report it;
at worst, you will end up losing what you gained through its

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2) Playerkilling

Okay, as a rule of thumb, PK is not allowed. There a few exceptions.
First, if there is an justified offense, you can PK, but not repeatedly.
Also, if you are registered to PK, and the player you're attacking is
registered as well, it is also legal. The third exeption is in the PK
areas. There are areas where PKilling is allowed, even if you're not
registered. Make sure you know which areas are, so that you don't get in
trouble. If you PKill for the sake of PKilling outside of this areas,
you're not registered, and the person you're PKilling is not registered,
you'll get in serious trouble.

Please check out 'help pk' in game for a much more comprehensive listing of PK law.

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3) Personal grudges

This is not real-life, and most people do not want it to be.
Meaning: Do not carry RL personal grudges into the game. Do not
post or use channels or say or tell or shout derogatory things about
any character's "real life", as opposed to anger with someone's
*in character* actions, which is acceptable. This includes such things
from "Johndoe is a dweeb in real-life", to "Oppo was a $&%?!! on Mud II,"
to "Did you know Tina is a man in real life?" On a mud, your real-life
attributes are no more important than your real-life race (which we
assume for most players is "human"). What you are on this mud, is
what you are on this mud, whether that corresponds to real-life or not.

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4) Multiple characters

Multiple characters are legal. You are limited to six total,
just because we would not have the disk space if people had more than
six characters-- have to leave some space for others. Multiple
characters of the same player may not be logged in at the same time,
and they may not share money or equipment, even if it is done through a "middleman".

You should treat your alternate characters as separate characters, and
play them as such, or not at all. Multiple people sharing the same
character and/or character trading is allowed only when approved by Law.

Each person must wait 10 minutes between logging in different characters.

Furthermore, to prevent conflicts of interest, players may not own
characters in more than one clan.

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5) Sexual harassment

Don't do it. Emotes that look like rape (i.e. "emote holds xxx
down while yyy rapes her.") will result in your character's banishment.
Lesser forms, such as uninvited sexual actions towards a character
(e.g. "fondling" someone whom you do not know) will probably get you
only a warning on the first offense, unless you clearly should
have known that your actions would be viewed as offensive;
but repeated sexual harassment of this sort will also get you punished.
Sexual harassment on a mud is foolish anyway: Some of the female
characters are probably male in real life, and some of the males are
real-life women. Keep that in mind before you let your libido take
control of you on any mud.

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6) Quest information

Even if we tried to make it illegal for you to share quest info,
you would do it anyway. So it is not illegal to do so. It *is* illegal
to post it, and it *is* illegal to broadcast it by shouting or using a
channel. It must be given one-to-one or not at all. It is illegal to
tell a player the entire solution to a quest, and especially is also
illegal to *do* a quest for a player, as opposed to telling a player
how to, which is legal. The player who does the quest must at least
execute all of the actions himself, to the point that any player may
be asked by any wizard how he completed a recent quest. Unless the
quest was completed a while back, the player should be able to say
how he did it. If the player cannot, we will seriously consider the
possibility that someone else did it for him.

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7) Cheating to help other players

It is *illegal* for one player to beat up or incapacitate a monster
so that another can kill it. The reasons for this rule should be
obvious. Players found 'kill feeding' will be severely punished by Law.

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8) Causing trouble

Just so no one can claim that this is not in the rules, if you do
anything that it intended to ruin the enjoyment of this mud for
others, including attempts to convince people to leave, it is illegal
and may result in the silencing, or removal of your character. This
includes swearing or intimidating others on the newbie channel, as
well as:

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9) Playing politics

Similarly to rule number 8, any action intended to pressure the
Admins of this mud into making decisions you prefer, rather than
the decisions they want to make, or any attempt to "punish" the Admins
for decisions of which you disapprove, by intentionally engaging in
actions that might, as just one example, drive away players, is
strictly prohibited and can result in riddance and site banishment.
This is even more serious if it involves lying about RoC or about any
member of its staff.

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10) No recruiting

Please do not attempt to recruit for other muds. If someone asks
where else you have played-- fine, tell them. But don't go
out of your way to give out addresses. This is a place for combat,
roleplaying, and socializing, not one to feed other muds, and not
one for comparing how many other sites you know.

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11) No botting

Triggers are fine if used as an enhancement-- that is, if you're
actually at the computer and you just use triggers to autoloot
corpses and the like.

Botting, where you collect experience without actually being
at the computer, is illegal and will be punished by severe
losses of experience, and if repeated, loss of your character.

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News from across the Realms
~ We have a new IP, October 17, 2011
Though many things are still the same Realms of Chaos now has a new IP. To connect use or better yet, realmsofchaos.com. The port is still the same, 3456.

~ We have a new IP, March 20, 2007
Though many things are still the same Realms of Chaos now has a new IP. To connect use or better yet, realmsofchaos.com. The port is still the same.

~ A Torch is Passed, January 1st, 2005
Winds of change rang in the New Year, with our God, Flexure, traveling to the West in search of greater things. With his retirement, Trandia has been nominated as Admin of the Realms.

~ The Rise of a Dark Tower, September 12, 2004.
From the depths of the earth a new structure has risen on the northeast side of Krenlock. Little is known about this strange tower other than that very large and powerful beings have been seen moving throughout the interior.

~ First High Mortal Adventurer, August 28, 2004.
Velurian has achieved what was previously thought impossible by bringing a pure adventurer character up to level 30. The first to ever achieve this feat, his victory was sweetened by dying only one time along the way. Hail Velurian!

~ Most High Mortals Achieved, August 3, 2004.
Congratulations go out to Flunch for achieving the greatest number of High Mortal characters. Broadly dispersed in their concentrations, Flunch recently achieved his seventh victory in record time.

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