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World and Geography

Many moons ago a young human named David made his way to the Realms of Chaos by unknown means. David, being from Earth, marveled at the surreal environment and took notes during his brief time there. Upon returning to Earth a few days later he wrote the following down for future generations to dream about.

The Realms of Chaos world is of unknown size. It has one sun and several moons. The region in which I ventured lies on the western seaboard of a continent of unknown size. In the west lies ocean, in the north and east are mountains, and in the south lie forests and savannah. Rivers run down out of the mountains in the north straight into the ocean, which a plain separates the far eastern mountains from the sea.

Silmador Mountains
The Silmador mountains lie to the east and southeast of the region. They are very high, some say the highest in the land. They house mining towns, small grottos of faeries, and as you go further into them, you can end up on top of a very high plateau, which seems to be as far east as I travelled, though there may be much more beyond. The northern part of the Silmador mountains are sometimes called the Aotian moutains.

Tullariah Mountains
The Tullarian mountains are a much smaller range. They lie on a penninsula which sticks out into the ocean just to the southwest of Krenlock. An inlet, called Grundil Bay separates the Tullarian mountains from Krenlock town. The Tullarian mountains have two towns in them. The first is the city of Tullariah, possibly the largest settlement in the land. The other is the smaller mining town of Valich, which lies high in the mountains.

Betswani Ocean
The Betswani Ocean lies off to the west of the continent. It has several small islands within shipping distance of the continent. It would seem to be a fairly warm ocean, despite the temperate weather of the land, as it contains tropical fish. Other wildlife which are known to inhabit the ocean are whales, dolphins, sharks and numerous different types of fish.

Great Eastern Plains
A relatively unknown area, this lies just to the east of Krenlock and separates it from the northern part of the Silmador mountains, and the Aotian mountains. To the north of the plains are the northern mountains.

The Southwestern Savannah

The savannah is a large area of barren land to the southwest of the area. It effectively stretches out endlessly in that direction. Oddly it borders the ocean on its western side. On its eastern side lies the forest of Bastion, while to its north lies Krenlock, Florin, and the Tullarian mountains.

The Northern Mountains
Despite being the largest (but not the highest) mountans in the area, these don't seem to have a name. They lie across the whole north of the area, from the far northeast, right up to the Betswani Ocean to the west. On the southern side of them lies the great eastern plain, Krenlock, and the northwestern forest. Within the valleys of these mountains lie Cheddar forest, Bentham and on the southeastern slopes lies the small mining town of Creektown.

Northwestern Forest
This forest appears not to have a name. It is a small area, stretching from the ocean on the west, across the northern edge of Krenlock and tailing out just before the northeastern road which leads to Creektown.

Bastion Forest
The forest of Bastion lies to the south of Krenlock. To its west is the savannah, while to its east lies the great mountain of Iscopan and the Silmador mountains. Within Bastion can be found a faerie village, another village, and many kobolds.

Cheddar Forest
Cheddar forest lies in a valley in the northern mountains. It is a large forest, with one of the rivers which feeds the Betswani Ocean running though it. It is surrounded on all sides by the mountains, although a narrow pass enables the traveller to enter the valley from the south. To its west lies the valley containing Muldavia. It contains many forms of forest wildlife, an elven village and the once powerful Cheddar Castle.

Carn Galva
Nestled in a valley surrounded by steep cliffs and a lush forest, Carn Galva is the ancestral home of the giants of the Realms. Dominating the cliffs north of the town is Mount Galligantus on whose slopes a griffin is rumored to live. The Gneu River meanders lazily through the town before disappearing into the western cliff wall. A variety of environs can be found surrounding the town including woods, farms and caves.

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Some other areas do not fit into the general geography section above, and are therefore documented below.

This is undoubtedly the highest single peak in the area. It contains many dangerous creatures, and climbing it is a task even the strongest adventurer would think twice about. It can be found to the far southeast of Krenlock, being one of the peaks of the Silmador mountains.


Muldavia is an old realm sitting in a forest valley in the northern mountains. It is known for its mining, with the village of Wundagore being the central focus of mining for the area. In addition there is an expanse of open fields, where elves are known to hunt. They are based in the village of Rodra.

Beyond the southeastern edge of the Silmador mountains lies an area known as the land of legend. Many fantastic creatures are known to inhabit the area.

Faerie Land
A village of faeries is known to exist in the woods to the south of Krenlock. They are secretive but peaceful, and pose no threat to the Krenlock inhabitants.

Florin is an area to the southwest of Krenlock, on the ocean, south of the Tullarian peninsula. It contains many fantastic creatures, and the town of Florin itself.

Istari is an island somewhere in the Betsswani Ocean. It contains a deep and dark dungeon, where many evil things are said to lurk. Many adventurers have gone there and never returned.

Grundil Bay

Grundil Bay is the name of the body of water which lies just to the west of Krenlock. It is part of the ocean, yet calmer than the main ocean due to the presence of the Tullarian peninsula on the western side of it. Grundil Bay is also the name of the port which services the town of Krenlock, as this port lies on the eastern edge of the bay.

Boabu Island
Boabu Island is a fearsome place in the north of the Betswani Ocean. On it there lies a deep dungeon, filled with a horde of terrible orcs, who were horded off the mainland in a huge battle in days long gone.

Freeport Islands
Out in the Betswani Ocean are a small group of desert islands, of which the Freeport island is the largest. There are four other islands in the group, Aztek Island, Dragon Island, Jungle Island and Treasure Island.
The islands can be visited by hiring a boat from Freeport, but caution is advised however, as fearsome monsters, some say even dragons, inhabit some of the islands.

This surreal place exists near to Florin, north of the savannah. Little is known about it, except that the entire place is made from Lego bricks.

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There are many settlements in this area of the continent. Below are a few lines about each place detailing location, and some information regarding the size and residents of each. Also included are odd bits of background such as how the settlement supports itself and why it is there.

Krenlock is a moderate sized trading town lying on the edge of the ocean. It trades mainly the ores mined out of the Silmador mountains, although it has some agricultural areas surrounding it, providing the population with food and drink. The town itself contains all of the administrative bodies for the surrounding area, such as the headquarters of the various guilds.

Creektown is a moderate sized mining town to the far northeast of Krenlock, on the southern slopes of the great northern mountains. It is a designated player killing area, so is normally avoided by the populace, excect those given to those kinds of sports.

Silmador is a small mining town in the heart of the Silmador mountains. It has become very run down, and poor, with many problems. The population seem to be very unhappy all the time.

The city of Tullariah is a very beautiful and wealthy place sitting on the eastern edge of the Tullarian mountains. I expect it has made its money trading the ores mined out of the mountains in the town of Valich to its northwest. It is a very green town, with tree lined streets and interesting buildings.

Freeport is a little fishing village on a group of islands in the Betswani Ocean. Pirates and other unsavoury characters are known to frequent the area. Adventurous types can hire a rowing boat and go and explore the islands.
Freeport is also the location of the famous Cairo Cafe, known as an excellent place to hang around whether you're in the world of Chaos, or an altogether more extraordinary place.

Dolphin Bay
This is a small island, known for its pearl fishing and sandy, tropical beaches.

The elven city of Betham lies off to the north of Krenlock in another wooded valley of the northern mountains. As I myself never travelled there, I know very little of this place. I have heard though that the people are in a state of perpetual war with a nearby aggressor.

Aotium is the captial city of the Aotian empire, which lies off to the east of the Krenlock area. Little is known about it at this time, as they are secretive and have strict border controls.

Valich is a cold and icy mining town in the Tullariah Mountains. It is fairly deserted.

The village in Bastion has suffered some terrible things in its time. A long time ago a wizard placed a spell on some unfortunate people and turned then all crazy. The village in Bastion was set up to house these people, and since then it has become a haven for all sorts of mad people.
Never the less, the village is known for having a large and excellent museum nearby, and is definatly worth a browse through.

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Trade Routes
Several long roads join the various settlements of the land. They are described below.

Great eastern way
The great eastern way joins Krenlock in the west to the imperial empire of Aotia to the east. It is a wide and safe trade route, with little dangerous parts.

Northeastern road
The northeastern road leaves the town of Krenlock in the northeast, and proceeds northeast until it reaches the slopes of the northern mountains. At this point it turns east and heads through the forested regions of the slopes, eventually ending up at Creektown. A pass lies to the north of it at one point allowing entry into the Cheddar forest valley.

Bentham Road
This road leads off from the northwestern side of Krenlock, and heads straight north, through the northwestern forest, through the mountains and ends up at the elven city of Bentham. Little is known about this road.

Southwestern Way

This is a long and dangerous road, leading west out of Krenlock and turning southwest. It leads to the town of Florin, and joins up with a route leading to the city of Tullariah. It is fraught with danger and should not be travelled lightly.

Muldavia Road

This road leaves the town of Krenlock in the northeastern corner and goes northwest though a forest until it reaches the realm of Muldavia, sitting in its valley.

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Other Features

Nirvana's Keep
This well known keep lies just north of the town of Krenlock. Many frequenters of Nirvana's Keep are surprised at the hidden treasures that can be found. It's been rumoured that the cellars are inhabited by evil creatures.

This section attempts to describe some of the events in the Chaos world history. As yet I have yet to find out any significant history of the world, but this section will expand as concrete information comes in. The Legends section below has some historical information in, although this is based on individual wizards stories, not any overall historical structure.

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Some Legends
These are some of the legends and rumours about the world that Krenlock inhabits. They are biased toward me at the moment, as I've not yet received rumours from other wizards.

Seven Kings and Merrie Sempsil
A stone circle containing seven stones, in the Cheddar forest, was made when seven kings were turned into stone by a witch, while they were signing a great peace treaty. It is rumoured that there is a way of bringing the kings back, but no one knows for sure.

Stone circles
It is a little known fact that a great mage once put several special places around the land, where a master of magic may enter and be transported to a magical room of mirrors, where they may exit into any one of the other places. These magial places are discernable by the number 13. There are always 13 points or stones or edges.

Tree Sprites
A story that seems to be most widely mentioned, is how children climbed an ancient tree, and while exploring its mighty limbs, they had fallen to the ground, only to awake in another location.
Perhaps this would explain the reason that so many of the children of the world have been lost or, if at one time lost, have been found in another city?

The Catapult
Legends tell of a massive weapon that once existed many years ago, when man warred with each other over the silliest of things. This weapon was the only one of its kind.
The village of Martivonia once had possession of a weapon they called, a CATAPULT. It was used to hurl great boulders at their foes, as well as fire and virus cauldrons.

When at last, the wars had ended, all sides decided that this weapon should be dismantled, and it's pieces scattered throughout the realms. This would help assure that all places were equal, and that no one could use such a destructive force.

A select group of people were sworn to secrecy, and the known locations were to be lost when at last, those people had passed away.

Mystical Melodies
Many people are familiar with the way music affects the soul, and even the way some can be slightly hypnotic.
Man has created many different types of instruments to bring their melodies into the world, but there are rumors of a Mystical Flute, that when played, could teleport the muscian who played it, to another location. Tales of this instrument have been told by people who claim that it took them from the grasp of death.

It would take a very gifted and very skilled being to be able to craft such an instrument, and there are no actual tales accompanying these rumors, to suggest where one might be able to find such a device.

Magical Bags
Legends are abound, that there exists a pouch that can be carried, and which can hold immense quantities of objects or equipment. These bags could be worn by the bearer, as to protect from theft, and even have the ability to be closed to stop wandering eyes.
All stories state that the object is quite rare, and none list any possible locations as to where one might be found. But it can be surmised that only the most skilled or crafted mages might be able to create such an item.

The Witches Coven
There are rumours which say that the witches are ever present in the world of Chaos, and a suitable person can join their number and gain the powers of being a witch. Witches are known to draw their number from only female mages, but as to where a potential witch would go to join is no longer known.

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The Calendar
The Chaos calendar seems like a mystery to most of us, so here is are some insights into its workings:

The Chaos calendar is divided up into seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years, as might be expected. The ratios of each differs from our own world however. The system goes as follows.

A second is the same duration of time as in our world, but there are ten seconds per minute. There are then 40 minutes per hour, 24 hours in a day, eight days per week, seven weeks per month, and eighteen months per year. There are no leap years, and no seconds added every few years.

Conseqently, a Chaos day is 5 hours and 20 earth minutes long, and a Chaos year is over 2 and a half earth years long.

The days in the Chaos world have names, which are Alphday, Betday, Gamday, Deltday, Epsilday, Zetaday, Etaday, Thetaday, Kappaday and Omegaday. The months also have names, which are Thornka, Kruka, Aka, Kahuna, Prile, Carlile, Molile, Ile, Ile 2, Og, Knepert, Jadert, Exerdorhrphinus, Dela, Knopor, Kausor, Yitrauer and Kinsleur.

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News from across the Realms
~ We have a new IP, October 17, 2011
Though many things are still the same Realms of Chaos now has a new IP. To connect use or better yet, realmsofchaos.com. The port is still the same, 3456.

~ We have a new IP, March 20, 2007
Though many things are still the same Realms of Chaos now has a new IP. To connect use or better yet, realmsofchaos.com. The port is still the same.

~ A Torch is Passed, January 1st, 2005
Winds of change rang in the New Year, with our God, Flexure, traveling to the West in search of greater things. With his retirement, Trandia has been nominated as Admin of the Realms.

~ The Rise of a Dark Tower, September 12, 2004.
From the depths of the earth a new structure has risen on the northeast side of Krenlock. Little is known about this strange tower other than that very large and powerful beings have been seen moving throughout the interior.

~ First High Mortal Adventurer, August 28, 2004.
Velurian has achieved what was previously thought impossible by bringing a pure adventurer character up to level 30. The first to ever achieve this feat, his victory was sweetened by dying only one time along the way. Hail Velurian!

~ Most High Mortals Achieved, August 3, 2004.
Congratulations go out to Flunch for achieving the greatest number of High Mortal characters. Broadly dispersed in their concentrations, Flunch recently achieved his seventh victory in record time.

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